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Matrices Multiplication in ARM Assembly

Below is the ARM assembly code that multiply two matrices: .extern printf .extern scanf .global main .text main:   push {ip, lr}   @–read lines and columns of matrix A   ldr r0, =scanf2   ldr r1, =linesA   ldr r2, =columnsA   bl scanf   @–read all values of matrix A   ldr r4, =linesA   ldr r4, [r4]   ldr r5, =columnsA   ldr […]

Hamming 7-4 Code in ARM Assembly

This project was done for the ‘Computer Organization and Assembly Language’ class, with Prof. Borin from Unicamp. The Hamming Code (also called 7-4 code) is an error-correcting code used to make transmission and store of data less error-prone. It adds 3 parity bits to every 4 bits (hence 7-4). You can read the details here. […]