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List of Basic FFmpeg Commands

Lately I have been working on a hobby programming project that automatically converts text or web pages into videos. Many functionalities of the software come from an open source project called FFmpeg. It is great for working with video and images. Below you will find the commands and annotations I made over the past few […]

How to Set a Cron Job 24 Hours from Now

On the latest project I am working, a mobile app, upon a certain action of the user on the server, I need to schedule a task to run exactly 24 hours later. Cron to the rescue! My first, naive idea, however, was to add a new cron job to the crontab whenever a user hit […]

How to Search and Find Files on Linux

As a Linux user you’ll inevitable need to search around for a specific file once in a while, be it a configuration file you need to edit or a version of a document you somehow lost. There are three basic ways to search for files using the command line: 1. locate The locate command is […]

Linux Text Processing Commands and Programs

Below you’ll find some useful Linux tools and commands you can use to manipulate and process text. 1. less In my opinion the best tool for visualizing text files. It allows you to easily scroll back and forward (using both lines and pages), and it also comes with search and other functions. Use: less file.txt […]

Basic Linux Shell Commands

Below you’ll find a list of some basic yet useful Linux commands for the command line interface (i.e., the shell), which is the interface provided by users to interact with services and programs provided by the operating system kernel. 1. man pages When in doubt about a specific command or program, check is manual pages. […]