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CodeChef Problem: Feedback

Lots of geeky customers visit our chef’s restaurant everyday. So, when asked to fill the feedback form, these customers represent the feedback using a binary string (i.e a string that contains only characters ‘0’ and ‘1’. Now since chef is not that great in deciphering binary strings, he has decided the following criteria to classify […]

CodeChef: Find Area of Triangles

The problem : Lira is a little girl form Bytenicut, a small and cozy village located in the country of Byteland. As the village is located on a somewhat hidden and isolated area, little Lira is a bit lonely and she needs to invent new games that she can play for herself. However, Lira is […]

CodeChef June Contest: Finding Squares

Our Chef is catering for a big corporate office party and is busy preparing different mouth watering dishes. The host has insisted that he serves his delicious cupcakes for dessert. On the day of the party, the Chef was over-seeing all the food arrangements as well, ensuring that every item was in its designated position. […] Easy Problem: Transform the Expression

He’s an interesting albeit relatively easy problem from ———- Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) is a mathematical notation where every operator follows all of its operands. For instance, to add three and four, one would write “3 4 +” rather than “3 + 4”. If there are multiple operations, the operator is given immediately after […]

CodeChef Easy Problem: Sums in a Triangle

Still practicing for Facebook Hacker Cup 2013. The problem below is a classic, although I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as “easy” as the guys from CodeChef did. Anyway here you go: ———- Let’s consider a triangle of numbers in which a number appears in the first line, two numbers appear in the second line, three […]

CodeChef Easy Problem: Odd

Still practicing for Facebook Hacker Cup 2013: ———- The captain of the ship TITANIC is a little …. off the track. He needs to select the crew for the ship. But everyone seems to be eligible. So to test their intelligence, he plays a game. The contestants have to stand in a line. They are […]

CodeChef Easy Problem: Factorial

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 is coming up, so I started solving some problems on to warm up. Here’s one of them: ——————– The most important part of a GSM network is so called Base Transceiver Station (BTS). These transceivers form the areas called cells (this term gave the name to the cellular phone) and […]