Monthly Archives: December 2013

Linux Text Processing Commands and Programs

Below you’ll find some useful Linux tools and commands you can use to manipulate and process text. 1. less In my opinion the best tool for visualizing text files. It allows you to easily scroll back and forward (using both lines and pages), and it also comes with search and other functions. Use: less file.txt […]

Basic Regex Patterns in Java/Perl

Below you’ll find the basic Regex patterns you can use to match, edit and replace strings. I am using the Java/Perl Regex flavor, so the patterns might be slightly different if you are using another programming language or platform. Java Implementation Here’s a simple Java sample that uses the Regex library. It will try to […]

Solution to Problem 29 on Project Euler

The problem: Consider all integer combinations of ab for 2 ≤ a ≤ 5 and 2 ≤ b ≤ 5: 22=4, 23=8, 24=16, 25=32 32=9, 33=27, 34=81, 35=243 42=16, 43=64, 44=256, 45=1024 52=25, 53=125, 54=625, 55=3125 If they are then placed in numerical order, with any repeats removed, we get the following sequence of 15 […]