Monthly Archives: October 2013

CodeChef: Find Area of Triangles

The problem : Lira is a little girl form Bytenicut, a small and cozy village located in the country of Byteland. As the village is located on a somewhat hidden and isolated area, little Lira is a bit lonely and she needs to invent new games that she can play for herself. However, Lira is […]

CodeChef June Contest: Finding Squares

Our Chef is catering for a big corporate office party and is busy preparing different mouth watering dishes. The host has insisted that he serves his delicious cupcakes for dessert. On the day of the party, the Chef was over-seeing all the food arrangements as well, ensuring that every item was in its designated position. […]

Dining Philosophers Concurrency Problem in Java

Dining Philosophers is a problem about concurrent programming and synchronization, first proposed in 1965 by Dijkstra. Basically you have X philosophers sitting around a table, and there are X forks available (one between each philosopher). The philosophers do two things: think and eat (alternating between both). However, in order to eat the philosopher must grab […]