Make Sure to Participate on the Next Code Sprint

This weekend I took part on Code Sprint 2, a programming competition organized by the folks at The whole contest was very well organized.

What I liked was the fact that you could follow a live leaderboard with the rankings of all participants, and the problems were well structured and explained. They were pretty challenging, but hey that is what programming contests are about. I managed to solve one problem completely and a bunch partially, ending up in position 918 out of 1800 participants or so.


Another cool aspects was the fact that they had over 30 companies aboard to interview and offer jobs to the best coders in the contest. Even if you didn’t rank that well you could still apply to most of them, as long as you managed to solve at least one problem successfully. What companies were there? Facebook, Amazon, Groupon, Apple, to name a few.

Overall it was a nice experience, and I am looking forward to the next edition. Below you’ll find links to some of the problems I worked on with my attempted solutions:

One thought on “Make Sure to Participate on the Next Code Sprint

  1. praveen kishor

    Companies only recruit through codesprint or through the monthly contests as well.
    When will be the next codesprint is going to happen ??



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